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KIN Vineyards took root when two like-minded wine aficionados and friends came together over a bottle. They had a love of the craft, a sense of adventure, and a budding determination to grow their passion into a business.

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From earth to vine to wine, KIN is about family, community, and connectivity.

Civil Grit logo

To stand out from the wealth of other winemakers, KIN needed an image that reflected their values of community, quality, and sustainability. Throughout the branding and marketing collateral, audiences can appreciate the grit and authenticity that is KIN.

Devoted to the process at every step, from grape to glass.

Understory logo

With the launch of Civil Grit and Understory, our branding strategy and design approach were as refined as the wine. Each label design and product name added deeper flavour to the KIN brand, positioning it as the winemaker’s choice.

civil Grit

Crafting a memorable story through every label design, product name, and digital experience.

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Made up of dedicated geniuses-at-work, the people of KIN collaborated with us to develop a voice and personality for the wineries. As the vineyards mature into tourist destinations, the KIN brand and product lineup will evolve with it.

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Granting wine-drinkers exclusive access to the digital elements that comprise KIN.

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With the industry shifting towards small-batch and hand-crafted beverages, KIN has found their niche. Proving they’re worth their salt through their ability to harvest in the unorthodox Ottawa Valley, KIN is poised to take their brand from farmer’s markets to LCBO shelves. With an eye-catching design and a vintner’s knowledge, the cork of success is just about ready to pop.