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LRL Associates Ltd. (LRL) is a multidisciplinary engineering firm operating out of Eastern Ontario. While their services and project approach are uniquely tailored to each client, their customer service, attention to detail, and personality remain consistent across the board.

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LRL Style guide

For over 30 years, LRL has remained true to who they are. It was important to communicate their innovative and modern approach to engineering. With a culture unlike that of other firms, LRL needed to stand out, attract the right kind of people, and compete with the big dogs. With rebranding, it was important that LRL remain genuine while communicating their innovative and modern approach to engineering.

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A fresh and vibrant identity was paired with a new website, using a colourful and boldly geometric style to reflect the energy of both their internal team and the progressive nature of their industry.

The vibrant design reflects the balance of ever-changing technologies, solutions, and relationships.

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Designing and developing an eye-catching website was vital to communicate the innovative solutions the company is known for. The bright layout and easy navigation reinforced the promise that LRL was first and foremost about personalizing products, educating clients, and enhancing experiences.

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To encompass everything they do–from digging to data to design–we covered every angle, providing them with a complete and energized brand.