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Uncovering the emotions that lie beneath the surface.

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The English Theatre is a division of the world-renowned National Arts Centre. As a group of people dedicated to their craft, they are focused on sharing dynamic and evocative Canadian stories with the world.

The English Theatre did not want to be portrayed as an elitist medium and needed to revive the public’s impression. Through edgy, vibrant, and contemporary designs and communications, including a series of raw and heartfelt videos, our team created a foundation for a memorable campaign both online and in print.

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Creating a conversation that transcends the boundaries of the theatre.

NAC Eblast
NAC Eblast
NAC Eblast

There was a palpable shift in the audience’s response to the new image of the English Theatre, resulting in an overall web traffic increase of 65%. With 60% of new online traffic coming from social media, it was Facebook that became the most engaging platform, boasting a 52% increase in page likes.

Bringing Canadians together through the power of universal stories.