AURA Figure Skates

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Emanate Excellence.

Born of more than 25 years of relentless innovation, AURA combines years of research with revolutionary technology to deliver a figure skate unlike any other.

Defy Gravity

With the goal of breaking into a highly competitive market in an unforgettable way, CT created a sophisticated brand personality for display across a variety of mediums which included skate packaging, a POS stand, banners, videos, and more.


AURA’s polished website highlights each of the figure skate’s features and technologies, while providing opportunities to purchase through a network of retailers or to further connect via a newsletter.

A thorough social and digital media strategy is supported by beautifully designed ads and posts that have worked together to generate brand awareness and profitable conversions.

Over the course of just one month, AURA saw more than 14,000 website sessions with its best performing digital ad having reached more than 152,000 users.


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