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Auxita Business Cards

In response to a need for more informed diagnoses, Auxita’s interactive platform for physicians automates routine tasks to enhance quality of care. It provides tailored, likely outcomes and recommendations, based on unbiased, peer-reviewed guidelines, delivered in real-time.

In an industry that trends towards the traditional, Auxita’s new brand identity is conspicuously bold, demanding attention with its daring colour palette and clean aesthetic.

Auxita Letterhead

The logo represents the simplification of information, translating complex data into crisp lines organized into an abstract shape of an ‘A’. Scanning left to right, from large to small, the lines reflect the algorithm used to scan numerous clinical guidelines, ultimately delivering only those which are most relevant to physicians.

With a cohesive brand identity and ground-breaking platform, Auxita is ready to boldly go where no medical platform has gone before.

Auxita Phone Auxita Phone

Motivated to direct physicians to key information immediately, we took a minimalist approach to Auxita’s website, pairing snappy content with creative icons and white space.

Auxita iPad Auxita Mac
Auxita Macbook

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