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Through valuable donations of money and time, the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF) provides communities around the world with opportunities to mobilize savings and loans, while learning new skills and managing co-operative enterprises. Having recently amalgamated with another organization – the Canadian Co-opervative Association - CDF Canada needed to reintroduce itself under a new brand and revitalized website.

A dark blue rectangular slide with the main CDF logo in the middle of it.
A green slide with the Table of Contents outlining the following sections: introduction, our voice, logo and placement, typography, colour system, imagery, and summary

Igniting the project with a series of stakeholder workshops,

CT uncovered a variety of priorities for CDF’s future brand and website, which included preserving the organization’s heritage, raising the profile of its mission, vision and values, driving donations, and attracting new audiences.

A very light green slide with '01' in a large font on the left, with 'Our Voice' as a title to the right with text underneath.
A teal slide, the left side is text outlining the voice of CDF and what that means. On the right of this slide, there's an image of two young boys together smiling. The image has a teal overlay.
A white slide, with the left side outlining the idea behind CDF's logo. The right side of the slide has many different colour-ways and versions of the CDF logo.
A white slide with an image of a young girl on the left using both of her hands as binoculars. The image has a teal overlay. The right side of the slide has the sizing restrictions of the CDF logo with multiple versions/sizes of the CDF logo in a column.
A dark blue slide outlining the typography of the CDF brand. It has examples of the font throughout in bold and light font weights.
A four row slide, each row with a different colour. The top is a navy blue which is the primary colour for CDF's brand. The second is mint green. The third is lime green. The fourth is forest green. On the right of the slide there are three more colors: lemongrass, sand, and clay which are kind of beige.

Reminiscent of an abstract maple leaf and with its inclusion of the year CDF was established, the new logo CT created celebrates the organization’s history in Canada and legacy for forging thriving co-operatives around the globe.

Its multiple segments hint the collaborative nature of CDF’s work, while its upward motion reflects the positive trajectory of its efforts.

The CDF logo without text. It looks like half of a maple leaf with a colour gradient running from the top to the bottom. It starts off as mint, then fades into forest, and finally to lime at the bottom.

Images, content, buttons, and calls to action were tailored to cater to each page of CDF’s website’s unique objectives, while all code was optimized to ensure a seamless browsing experience across devices and locations.


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