Holo Taco

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Conceptualized by Canadian YouTuber Cristine Rotenberg of Simply Nailogical, Holo Taco is committed to producing nail polishes that are far from flat and boring.

Named after the quirky mispronunciation of Holo Top Coat, Holo Taco represents all that’s exciting, trendy, and fun in the beauty world – thus requiring a dynamic brand and website to coincide.

Holo Taco Palette
Holo Taco Logo Gif
Holo Taco Logo Gif

The brand identity features a strong wordmark with CD icons and a holographic finish, which was pulled across a suite of items including packaging.

The ‘holo’ (or holographic) element of the brand’s name is represented by the logo’s inclusion of CDs, while the ‘taco’ aspect is represented more literally by the taco itself.

Holo Taco Nail Polish
Vegan X Icon Cruelty Free X Icon Made in America
Holo Taco Packaging 1 Holo Taco Packaging 2 Holo Taco Packaging 3
Holo Taco Pattern
Holo Taco Magazine
Holo Taco Magazine
Holo Taco Magazine

A sleek, vibrant, and playful Shopify website was designed to feature a wealth of product imagery and information to coincide.

Holo Taco Mobile Desktop Mockup
Holo Taco Mobile Desktop Mockup
Holo Taco pattern



Pixel Banana Icon Pixel CD Icon Pixel Taco Icon Pixel Cursor Icon
Laptop Mockup

On the first day of launch, both these elements worked together to secure 34,000 units sold and continue to see Holo Taco into success.

iPhone Mockup iPhone Mockup

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