Lake of Bays

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Pause and reflect.

A rural municipality located in the north eastern portion of Ontario’s cottage country, the Township of Lake of Bays is a scenic gem offering nearly 170 kilometres of shoreline and 66,000 hectares of land. In an effort to unify the township’s four hamlets, drive investment to the area, and attract tourism, the development of a revitalized brand identity was required.

Lake of Bays Logo

Participants in a series of surveys and focus groups described Lake of Bays as outdoorsy, cheerful, picturesque, and peaceful.

To capture these characteristics, CT’s concept used negative space to mimic sparkling waters, and a collision of colours to showcase the vibrancy and cheerful friendliness of the community.

Lake of Bays Stationary

With its simple stylization of a picturesque setting, the logo represents the rest, relaxation and tranquility that awaits area visitors, while the tagline ‘100 Lakes to Explore’ celebrates the township’s most abundant natural resource.

Brand pattern
Lake of Bays Flag

A suite of collateral, as well as colourful signage and eye-catching swag was created to foster ambassadorship, and to generate excitement surrounding the township’s assets and offerings.

Lake of Bays Shirt
Lake of Bays Pen



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