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As steward of one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, Niagara Parks plays an essential role in maintaining, protecting and showcasing the grandeur of Niagara Falls.

It offers visitors the opportunity to authentically experience and interpret the 56 kilometre Niagara River corridor through sprawling parklands, natural attractions, locally-sourced culinary offerings, celebrated golf courses, and restored heritage sites.

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With a need to consolidate eight microsites into one user-friendly space for tourists to gather information about park attractions and experiences, a responsive, fully-accessible Wordpress website was designed and developed for Niagara Parks.

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From planning a wedding, to booking a meeting or convention space; exploring golf packages to arranging group travel, the Niagara Parks website is an essential planning tool for any type of visitor.

Featuring an interactive trip planning map with the capacity to filter and suggest activities based off personal interests, the website has been built to prioritize an enjoyable user experience.

Whether standing in awe under the roar of the falls or soaring over a rushing whirlpool, the parks’ iconic experiences always reveal something new.

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Niagara Parks Attractions showcase some of the country’s most desired natural sights and travel destinations, beloved by generations of explorers for more than 130 years.

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