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Searidge is an aviation technology company dedicated to providing their clients and partners with agile and innovative solutions.

Searidge Technologies is a group of forward-thinking individuals committed to improving the world of airport surface management. Their driven team is focused on providing tailored and cost-effective solutions through the use of new and evolving technologies.

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Searidge has an exceptional understanding of their clients’ needs, creating customized solutions using a variety of cutting-edge technology. In order to best explore their values of innovation and adaptation, two distinct logo concepts were created. One reflected Searidge’s mission to approach problems from every angle; the other illustrated the company’s desire to fill the void in airport management technology. While the latter was selected, both depicted the progressive and evolving nature of the business.

The new bold identity provides Searidge with the opportunity to compete on a higher level, elevating them within the aviation industry.

In a typically conservative industry, Searidge wanted to leverage their modern approach with a new brand that echoed their evolution. The brand identity created was as revolutionary as their technology, with a bold and minimalist style.

Designed to be simple and smart, all creative assets used an angular approach to emulate movement and flight. These abstract shapes became the foundation of a dynamic and interactive website, moving Searidge out of their comfort zone and giving way to a total transformation.

With an innovative business, modern look, and fresh technology, we provided Searidge with the tools they needed to soar.

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Extending their digital footprint, Searidge developed two resourceful apps–the Weather Information System app and D12. The Weather Information System app allowed weather observers and pilots to monitor weather conditions by connecting to various on-ground cameras, while D12 provided open communication between pilots, airlines, and ANSPs. Both apps utilized the bold new identity through the dynamic, user-friendly, and engaging interfaces.


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