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Topshelf bag

Perth’s history is rich in the production of liquors and punctuated by the trailblazers and anarchists who brought them to life.

It’s through this legacy that Top Shelf Distillers finds passion and purpose, delivering fine spirits consumers deserve.

Since the liquor business belongs to a competitive industry where consumers tend to stick with what they know, our mission was clear: encourage drinkers to cheat on an old favourite.

Featuring an adaptation of the British Coat of Arms and a dose of Canadian heritage by way of a trillium and maple leaf, Top Shelf’s logo imparts a sense of tasteful badassery, flipping itself – and the status quo of liquors – on their heads.

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Attitude is nothing without the goods to back it up.

This ethos translates to the design of various collateral, ensuring business cards are eagerly passed around instead of tucked away, and that labels provoke pause in those who dare try to pass them by.

Topshelf bottles

Distilling is the passion, but drinking is the pastime.

Topshelf label
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Any story worth telling is worth telling well.

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Combined with the creation of a streamlined and engaging website, Top Shelf’s brand story and collateral conveys a passion for liquor; one that’s able to permeate the market in a distinct and memorable way.


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