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THRC Responsive Design

As a national partnership-based organization, Trucking HR champions safe, secure, efficient, and professional trucking services in Canada.

In an effort to enhance engagement with its key audiences and to assist with the marketing of its programs, events, and services, a brand refresh and redesigned website was required.

THRC brand guide banner
THRC Letterheads

The slightly refined brand identity combines simple, modernized, typography with the company’s existing roadway symbol.

With its simple aesthetic, the logo can be mobilized across a suite of creative assets and is flexible enough to appear in both of our nation’s official languages.

THRC MacBook Mockup THRC MacBook Mockup

The website – designed in a versatile CMS and prioritizing intuitive, engaging navigation – features the Top Fleet Employers application system where leaders in the trucking and logistics industry can apply for national recognition.

THRC Login THRC New User

The system provides tips and tricks throughout the rigorous application process and allows users to start/stop/save/resume their applications at their leisure – all with a secure login and customized dashboard.

THRC Computers

Additionally, users have access to past applications and their scorecards, providing an excellent foundation for future applications.

THRC application wireframe THRC application design THRC application wireframe THRC application design
THRC laptop

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