TRUE Hockey

  • Brand Positioning
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Social Strategy

Join a TRUE revolution.

Through innovative technologies and performance enhancing equipment, TRUE Hockey works to improve the game of hockey for players around the world. Aiming to position itself as a premium hockey brand through the design and implementation of creative strategies and materials, TRUE enlisted CT.

We’re obsessed with being the best. That’s TRUE.

As a first priority, CT designed and developed an aesthetically pleasing and responsive website that features a wealth of product information, custom 3D animations, news, retailer information, and pathways to connect via social media.

The planning and production of impactful videos enhances TRUE’s various promotional campaigns, while comprehensive annual catalogs display the company’s legacy for manufacturing performance enhancing products and technologies.

To support TRUE’s growing fleet of North American retailers, CT created a suite of POS stands, stick racks, and marketing materials. Additionally, a carefully executed social media strategy oversees daily posts, contesting, digital ads, and influencer strategies.

For the launch of TRUE’s 2019 XSERIES stick line-up, a comprehensive digital strategy was executed and mobilized through Google AdWords and social media (including retailers’ networks and with the help of established influencers).

Results generated include 139,664 website sessions and 90,213 Google Adwords clicks.

Collectively, CT’s efforts for TRUE Hockey have repositioned the company from a little known brand to a massive industry competitor enjoyed by more than 120 NHL players.


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