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In the summer of 2021, a proposed merger between holding companies Cambridge and North Dumfries Energy Plus Inc. and Brantford Energy Corporation, as well as their regulated and unregulated affiliates, was approved.

As such, the creation of a brand strategy and implementation plan to represent the interests of the merged company was required.


Execute a variety of engagement activities to ensure stakeholders and shareholders alike feel heard and involved in the brand strategy process

Develop a compelling brand strategy (including names, logos, and taglines) for the amalgamated company and its affiliates

Develop a comprehensive implementation plan (including landing page) to support the phased rollout of the brand

GrandBridge branded poster with a woman passing by
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Place inspired.

Serving Brantford, Cambridge, North Dumfries, and the County of Brant – all of which are unified by the meandering Grand River – the merged company was named ‘GrandBridge Energy’ by our team of creatives. This newly established name was then introduced to a logo, which is inspired by Brant’s Crossing Bridge and the Grand River that flows beneath it. With its conjoined lines and dots, it reflects a network or power grid, as well as the union of multiple communities.

GrandBridge Group Logo
GrandBridge Corporation Logo
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The website (landing page), designed on WordPress, features streamlined navigation, as well as an outage map, links to legacy account management, a newsroom, and career opportunities.

Alongside a suite of vibrant and eye-catching creative assets, the GrandBridge Energy brand is working to bridge authentic connections between company and community.

GrandBridge Website
GrandBridge quote "We provide reliable energy solutions that are strengthened by an unwavering commitment to service excellence."
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