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Buffing out boring nails.

Named after the quirky mispronunciation of Holo Top Coat, Holo Taco is committed to creating American-made nail polishes that are far from flat and boring, and instead a representation of all that’s exciting, trendy, and fun in the beauty world.

In an effort to bring Holo Taco to market in a way that would be bold, playful, and a little badass, the development of an eye-catching brand identity and packaging design concept was required.


Conceptualize an edgy, striking, bold, and badass brand that is distinct from Holo Taco founder’s YouTube personality

Develop an identifiable tone of voice that’s cheeky and playful

Design and develop an accessible Shopify site that’s fun, easy-to-navigate, and drives product sales/conversions

Holo Taco Logo
Holo Taco Wordmark
Holo Taco Font samples
Holo Taco colour samples
Holo Taco Colour gradient samples.
Holo Taco Stickers
Holo Taco
Holo Taco pixel art sample
Holo Taco brand style guide display samples

Brand Values

As a cruelty-free and vegan brand, Holo Taco holds its values as closely as it does sparkles on nails. It strives to be unique and playful – constantly evolving its product line and embracing all that is chromatic, sparkly, and holographic. It aims to be adaptable and inclusive – staying ahead of beauty trends and believing self expression is for everyone.

Holo Taco business card samples
Holo Taco Letterhead sample
Holo Taco product samples
Holo Taco Nail polish box sample
Holo Taco Base coat box sample
Holo Taco package sample
Holo Taco tea bottle samples
Holo Taco gif
Holo Taco nail polish gif
Nail polish being applied to fingernail

Holo + Taco

The ‘holo’ (or holographic) element of the brand’s name is represented by the logo’s inclusion of CDs, while the ‘taco’ aspect is represented more literally by imagery and iconography of a – surprise – taco itself.

Online Shopping Experience? Nailed it.

By taking a little glitz and adding a little glam, our team of creatives were able to craft an eye-catching and playful website for Holo Taco to sell its products. It features vibrant hover states inspired by Holo Taco’s gradient-rich colour palette, and fun iconography to shake up what would be an otherwise flat background.

It also delivers a user-friendly online shopping experience, housing hundreds of polish products in an organized, filterable manner. Coupled with links to social media, an e-newsletter sign-up, a media room, and additional information surrounding Holo Taco’s founder herself, the website is an informative – and necessary – extension of one of our favourite brands we’ve ever created.

Holo Taco mobile display samples
Holo Taco Laptop display