Twenty-nineteen was an exciting year in pop-culture headlines: the royal baby was born, Aunt Becky got caught in a college admissions scam, and Kim Kardashian became a legit lawyer. But 2019 was exciting for us on an agency level too: there were projects (and more projects), cocktail Fridays, countless celebrations, and a few exciting business trips too. As we prepare for the year ahead, we’re taking a look back at highlights from 2019.

  • Elexicon Energy (formerly Whitby Hydro & Veridian Connections Inc.) was born
    Following the merger of two organizations to become the fourth largest municipally owned utilities company in Ontario, CT was hired to create a dynamic brand identity that could be pulled across a suite of assets – including naming, signage, collateral, and website landing pages. We were then invited to present that brand identity to 300 company employees to the overture of ‘Eye of the Tiger’. There may or may not have been a standing ovation, and there was DEFINITELY a smoke machine. This was a first for our team, and we’ve been riding that high ever since!
  • Holo Taco went live: and sold more nail polish than we even thought possible
    The brainchild of Cristine Rotenberg – YouTube sensation and Simply Nailogical founder – Holo Taco is a line of nail polishes that CT had the pleasure of creating a brand identity and website design for. Following the website’s launch (and within ten minutes), thousands of orders were placed – and continue to be placed still, to our mutual delight!
  • Weddings happened and babies were announced
    When you work in an open concept office space like we do, coworkers are more like family, which means we celebrate each others’ triumphs – and boy did we see a few this year! Both Anna and Bev got married and invited our team to witness the nuptials (and dance the night away), and Tiffany and Pauline announced they are expecting wee ones in 2020.
  • Big Bald Lake got toasted (and heck: so did we)
    Each year CT designates a few days in October to facilitate new learning and team bonding. This year we found ourselves on the banks of Big Bald Lake in the Kawarthas, where we started the festivities with a mixology course and ended the trip with a number of breakout sessions centred around public speaking and presentation skills.
  • We said ‘goodbye’ to the house on Pretoria and ‘hello’ to the studio on Rockingham
    After years of growing our team at a slow (yet consistent!) pace, we finally outgrew our office space on Pretoria Ave. in Ottawa and scooted our way over to our new space on Rockingham. It is open concept and beautifully decorated – very Instagrammable if we do say so ourselves.
  • We made additions to our payroll
    In October we welcomed Ruth, our new office coordinator who keeps things running smoothly despite all chaos, while this month we welcomed Aveen: an ambitious and kind-hearted writer and QC specialist.
  • We tackled two product launches for one of our biggest clients
    As TRUE Hockey’s agency of record, we’re used to being agile – so when the debut of their hockey helmet and reimagined TRUE Pro Skate came about unexpectedly, we rose to the challenge and executed two exciting campaigns with fruitful results.
  • We designed and developed our most technical website to date
    Website design and development accounts for a large portion of our business, but it’s not every day we have the privilege of bringing a deeply (and we do mean deeply) technical website to life. Lucky for us, Trucking HR Canada came knockin’ on our door, seeking the creation of a streamlined, user-friendly website that included a portal for users to apply for a Top Fleet Employers award. We were fortunate to work with a like-minded project manager, and have been celebrating the work since it made its debut in October.

…There are a hundred other moments from this year that are worthy of celebrating (including that one time a certain male staff member donned a bikini and dove into a kiddy pool whilst totally and completely sober), but we’ll spare you the details. Instead, we’d like to close out this post (and year) with gratitude for our clients who motivate us to push the limits of our creativity, thus making CT an enjoyable place to work (and play) every day.

Cheers to a happy and healthy 2020!

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