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The production and distribution of liquor all started with the original anarchists.

Top Shelf Distillers knows alcohol. They know how to make it, bottle it, and enjoy it. Based in Perth, the area is rich with the history of liquor production. As a start-up distillery, Top Shelf Distillers needed to stand out from the crowd and identify themselves as true originals.

The liquor business belongs to a competitive industry, one where new brands come and go every year, and consumers tend to opt for labels they’re familiar with. Our mission was to encourage curiosity—to cheat on an old favourite. With a rebellious attitude and an attention-grabbing image, we crafted a brand identity rooted in history with a modern twist.

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Attitude is nothing without the goods to back it up.

Top Shelf Distillers has strong ties to their heritage. We adapted the British coat of arms, and gave it a dose of Canadian history with a trillium and maple leaf. The final touch? Challenging the status quo by flipping the logo on its head. This playful direction was also functional, allowing consumers to see the name right side up when pouring another. Bottoms up!

Bringing the Prohibition past to meet the progressive present.


With a devoutly loyal local following, and a spot reserved on the shelves of the LCBO, Top Shelf Distillers isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In addition to their vodka and gin, a whisky and moonshine will soon be introduced, giving the brand a well-rounded liquor arsenal to add more fire to their badass image.

Uncompromising in taste, rebellious in character, loyal to liquor.


Top Shelf Distillers boldly refused to apologize for having a good time, with their love of liquor stated throughout all deliverables. Balancing this attitude with current perceptions of alcohol consumption was not an easy road to travel, but one that was entirely worthwhile.

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Distilling is the passion, but drinking is the pastime.

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Any story worth telling is worth telling well.

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Throughout the creation of the website, logo, and other brand collateral, we incorporated the Canadianness, badassery, and originality that defined the brand. In all communications, we established the voice of Top Shelf Distillers—one that simultaneously encouraged and challenged drinkers to give their products a try.