A Library for All

Located in the heart of ‘The Garden City’, the St. Catharines Public Library (SCPL) is a hub of information connecting people to ideas and community to culture.

In addition to books, the Library is home to a variety of experiential programs, makerspaces, and public services, as well as host of digital collections and online resources – all of which needed to be reflected in a revitalized brand identity.


Create a warm, fun, and modernized brand identity that is complemented by two sub-brands for youth audiences

Establish a library tagline that reflects themes of growth, connection, and lifelong learning

Develop a comprehensive, ‘inside-out’ brand implementation strategy and suite of brand assets to increase market visibility

SCPL tote bag
SCPL branded lanyards
SCPL ID badge
SCPL branded business cards

Ideas in Bloom…

Following a series of stakeholder engagement activities, through which themes of growth, community, and connection emerged, our team of designers developed three vibrant logo concepts to represent SCPL’s target audience groups. Each logo’s circular shapes reflect the established key themes, as well as the Library’s positions as a hub of information.

SCPL Youth Logo
SCPL Kids logo
SCPL T-shirt
SCPL pop up banner
SCPL branded buttons
SCPL branded posters

Come as you are.

SCPL’s brand story affirms one clear message: this Library is a place for people of all ages and demographics to uncover the past, rediscover the present, and reimagine the future with the momentum of a turning page.

Celebrating the nurturing and growth of ideas within the Library.

SCPL’s tagline “Ideas in Bloom” pays subtle tribute to its position in the “Garden City”. A suite of creative assets ranging from library cards and lanyards to tote bags, tumblers, and t-shirts were all developed in tandem with a detailed implementation plan.

Together, the logos and assets work to establish SCPL as a safe, inclusive, and multi-faceted library for all.

SCPL branded box
SCPL branded library cards
SCPL branded van